Monday, June 6, 2011

iPhone app is alive on the iTunes store

I'm pleased to announce that my first iPhone app has been approved by apple and is now available for free download from the Apple iTunes store. It should prove to be helpful for those that fly Eagle Dynamics' DCS A-10 Warthog simulator.

You can find it by searching "iWarthog" in the iTunes app store.

If you download the app, find it useful, I'm more than happy to take a small donation for the large amount of time and effort I put into it. I'm also happy to take feedback from the users and hopefully create some great updates for the App.

And lastly, if there's a showing of interest in it, I will make an iPad version that'll definitely be better.

Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you find the app worthy of being on your iOS device!


  1. Very very nice app SickDog!!!
    Nice work!!!
    Only an question now we 've need to put all info in the briefing page, do you think that in the future we can download directly from the A10 DCS briefing the entire briefing??
    It's much hard to make this?
    (sorry for my english)
    Anyway good work!!!

  2. Nice work!!! any chance to get this for Android? :-)

  3. Great app Adam.
    The startup checklist needs a little tweaking to be perfect. Right now there's nothing about setting radar altimeter and autopilot to on. Here's a link to the most complete checklist I've seen so far:

    Since the patch, step 33 is crucial (set to EGI) or the EAC won't arm and there will be no VVI in the HUD.

  4. Thanks Pegaso, I'm still looking into the possibility of adding this feature. It is a bit above my level of knowledge, so I don't know if it will happen. In the mean time, if you copy and paste large amounts of information from DCS into an email, email to yourself on the iOS device running iWarthog, and copy and paste info into app, that should do as a work around.

    Thanks for the comment Bruce, I'm looking into converting for android but I'm not capable myself of doing it as I don't have any android experience.

    None- thanks for the nice comment and yes, I need to update the checklist per patch, which came out after I submitted the app. I'm still figuring out the best options for the user when it comes to the checklist... I'd like to make it totally customizable so everyone can use the checklist of their choice. Right now I'm using the checklist straight from the DCS manual (pre

  5. Enjoyed the app. But had to give iphone to wifey. Now on Android. I love it. But I miss my warthog app.

  6. Great job! However iTunes tells me this app is not provided in the China area and I'm not able to install it. A fix will be greatly appreciated!